Every person involved in rescue probably has a story to tell about what got them committed to travel down this road filled with much joy and sometimes heartache. Mine was a little lost seven week old Rottie puppy we named Fred. He was found under a car in a parking lot crying out for help. How could I resist...
Fred was indeed a cherished member of our family and the most wonderful, happy, outgoing individual one could have the pleasure of knowing. Not only did Fred cement my desire to become seriously involved in rescue, he gave me a way to incorporate my love of photography and the ability to raise needed funds to help support the dogs in our care. So, in 2003 Fred and I became partners in a calendar project that developed over a period of nine years.  Our calendars sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico and earned a loyal following of caring and supportive friends. Fred retired from the limelight and enjoyed naps in the sun and watching his favorite shows on TV until he passed away at the age of 12 1/2. He was very special and is very much missed.
He remains