You've probably heard it before, but Rotties, like any breed, are not for everyone. They are large, powerful and protective and can be pushy if allowed. Rotties require a firm, but fair, approach to training and handling. They can be very gentle and retiring in nature, or extremely energetic. These are traits you may or may not want in a pet, so be honest about your lifestyle and what you can offer the dog in terms of exercise, training and companionship. Rottweilers are family dogs, they will languish if left alone in a backyard or simply ignored. Boredom causes behavioral problems, and with a large intelligent breed of dog those problems can become large, too. If you feel you can offer the time, love, care and necessary training we're waiting to hear from you!

Our dogs are available to loving homes in New Mexico and surrounding states. An adoption application, home visit and adoption donation of  $250 is required. We do not sell dogs; donations are applied to cover necessary veterinary expenses, housing, feeding and other related needs. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to being placed. You may request an application by phone or email. Once your application is returned it will be reviewed and placed into our system. This is the first step in the adoption process and assists us in matching the right dog with the right home.